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How to Dress up According to Your Body Shape?

Looking attractive is a basic human need. What most people do not understand is that, it is not about what you wear but how you wear. Understanding your body shape and then the countering and repeating techniques to manage body variations is what makes one look attractive. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes body shape evaluation and suggestions on dressing as per the same to present the most attractive you. In this one on one session, an expert Image Consultant will evaluate your body shape and variations. Based on this information the Consultant will guide you through the techniques to highlight your positive & best features and also to counter or camouflage the body deviations which you do not wish to draw attention to. Learning these techniques would make you adept at choosing the right textures, colors and patterns which suit you best. With all the right choices, your most attractive look could be achieved with ease, every time. When you dress attractively, you become a “Head turner,” and the most sought after person in your circles.

Benefits / Take away from the Session:

  • Knowledge of managing your body shape and variations effectively through clothing
  • Paying attention to design details in clothing which enhance the attractiveness quotient in your overall look
  • Choosing appropriate styles, colors, textures and patterns which suit your body type
  • Using the right accessories to create an attractive focal point in your attire
  • Ability to create outfits with right garments to highlight your best features and counter the areas where attention is not needed
  • Creating an ideal and attractive look for various occasions with right message
  • Saving your time, effort and money in shopping for right clothes
  • Better returns on investment for your clothing spend
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