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Wear your Color

Colors play a crucial role in looking attractive. One has to be in color harmony, which is a factor of first understanding your personal colors of skin, eyes and hair, and then the fashion colors that will accentuate your personality. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes personal color evaluation and then recommendations on fashion color combinations in order to be in color harmony. Samples of color combinations and suggestions about accessories selection will be provided.

In this one on one session an expert Image Consultant will evaluate your personal colors. Based on these, the fashion colors which suit and accentuate your looks will be evaluated. The consultant will guide you on understanding the moods and messages projected by different colors and using the colors appropriately and attractively to put together an attractive outfit to enhance your looks. You would learn the art of combining colors in various ways not only to enhance your looks but also to project the most pleasing & desirable message for the occasion. The consultant would guide you on creating an attractive focal point in your outfit with the colors. When you wear the right colors which complement you, you transform into the most ‘attractive and admired’ person in the group.

Benefits/ Take away from the Session:

  • Gaining knowledge of your personal colors and fashion colors will enable you to invest in the right colors which would uplift your whole appearance and enhance the attractive look
  • You can create a variety of looks and messages, as you learn to play with your personal colors and fashion colors in your garments and accessories
  • Knowledge of color schemes and coordinating the right colors will increase the color range and bring life into your wardrobe
  • Creating attractive focal point in your attire using colourful accessories
  • Creating illusions of increased height, appearing slimmer, healthier through the right colors
  • Saving your time, effort and money in shopping for right clothes
  • Better returns on investment for your clothing spend
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