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International Style Scale

Image is the physical representation of an individual and what he or she is all about. Everyone produces an Image, consciously or unconsciously. One’s Image – the way one looks, cares for and carries oneself, one’s personal style, poise and presence is part of who they are, affecting the way they think, feel and act or behave. A person’s Image reflects his/ her self-concept, personality, attitudes, interests, roles and goals. It affects the way others judge and treat them.

Clothing which forms the major part of the visual Image, functions as a system of signs -communicating messages or cues, based on which others judge and accordingly treat us. Understanding the language of clothes will help one build a wardrobe that will ensure that the clothes speak the same language, a language which would help in projecting the desired Image and produce results to achieve set goals, effectively.

The International Style Scale prescribes four levels of dressing. The participants will understand the difference between the four levels of dressing and the messages communicated through different levels of dressing. This would enable and empower them to dress appropriately for any occasion according to their roles and goals and achieve results faster and effectively.


  • Understanding the International Style Scale would empower the employees to dress appropriately as per their roles and goals
  • The employees would gain clear knowledge on how to project a desired message through clothes to make a definite impression or achieve results
  • Understanding the four levels of dressing and clothing communication would enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence of the employees
  • The enhanced self-confidence and behaviour would proportionately enhance the productivity levels


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