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Explain the Need for Effective Time Management

Time is the most valuable and most wasted resource-a minimum resource-if optimum utilization is not affected the loss to individuals and organizations are humungous. Here we talk about scheduling our time, making time for everything we want to do, allotting time based on priority, rationing time to ensure there is no wastage and taking time from others by effective delegating.

We often find our self running out of time especially when we have too many things scheduled in one day – meetings, discussions, feedback, every day job etc. For many, it seems that there’s just never enough time in the day to get everything done. When you know how to manage your time you gain control. Rather than busily working here, there, and everywhere (and not getting much done anywhere), effective time management helps you to choose what to work on and when. This is essential if you’re to achieve anything of any real worth. A lack of time management results in ineffectiveness and inefficiency at work which automatically questions your ability to do tasks thus hampering your growth.


  • Identify the time wasters
  • Prioritize time more effectively
  • Delegate to gain time
  • Plan the time
  • Making list of things to do as per priority
  • Implement SMART time management


  • 5 aspects of Time Management
  • Stephen Covey’s 4 waves and quadrants
  • Quadrant 2-To reach and Stay there
  • Busy Vs Productive work
  • SMART time Management

Note: The coverage of content in a particular corporate training session will depend on the time allotted to that session.

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