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Getting the right haircut

Getting the right haircutGetting the right haircut or the way you style your hair can make or break the way you look. Therefore, investing  time and money into getting a good haircut is very important. Don’t just walk into your nearest salon in tell the stylist to cut your hair however they wish or just to cut a few inches off. That may work in a rare few cases, but not for most of us at most times. There is some amount of research that one needs to put in before getting the actual haircut.

Firstly, you need to have an idea of what sort of haircut you want to get. You can use pictures from magazines and from the Internet to get a better idea of what sort of haircut you want to get. But do be careful while choosing these hairstyles, as they may not necessarily look good on you just because they look good on a celebrity. Also, some hairstyles will require some amount of daily styling and maintenance, so you will need to ask yourself if you can invest that much time daily.

Now, that you have an idea of what sort of haircut you want, you’ll need to identify a good hairstylist. Spend some amount of time on doing your research on the different hairstylists in your city. Most of their details and reviews should be available on the Internet. This way you will be able to pinpoint or shortlist hairstylists you may want to consider going to. If you have shortlisted more than one hairstylist, fix a consultation appointment with them; you don’t need to necessarily get your haircut during this visit. When you go for your consultation, it’s best to carry pictures of what sort of haircut you want to get. It’s better to show pictures rather than having to explain in words. Do inform the hairstylist about your lifestyle, so they can suggest hairstyles that’ll work well with your lifestyle. Also, do discuss and decide a haircut that it best suited for your face shape. Sometimes, a hairstylist may suggest a look different from what you had in mind, do take their suggestions into consideration as they are professionals. If possible, as them to show you pictures of what they are suggesting, so you have an idea of what the haircut will look like. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Once you have finalized which stylist and which haircut to go for, don’t forget to fix your appointment to get your haircut. One the day of your haircut do remind your hairstylist regarding the discussion you had and which haircut you had decided on, as they may not remember. During the haircut, avoid trying to micromanage and telling the hairstylist what to do. After the haircut do pay close attention to the hairstylists instructions on aftercare and the use of any products if need be. Keep these points in mind before you get your next haircut, it’ll definitely give you good results.

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