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In its journey to create and establish the Image Management Industry in India, ICBI created a unique program in the entire world called the Image Consulting Partner Program which not only teaches the students the art and science of Image Consulting but also supports them in setting up and successfully operating their independent Image Consulting practice. ICP program produces India’s finest Image Consultants.

Now that the industry is established and the need for image management is accepted by individuals as well as companies, ICBI moves towards new frontiers to further cement its leadership in the industry. To this effect, ICBI has introduced the status of “ICBI Green“.

All students who meet the following criteria would qualify for the status of ICBI Green.

  • Those who have been students of ICP program including the ones who would enroll till 31st December 2013.
  • Image Consulting in true sense means the ability to guide people to develop their inner strengths as well as reflecting them on the outside through presenting an appropriate, authentic, attractive and affordable image. In order to achieve this objective, soft skills also play an important role in addition to appearance management. Since this is an integral part of Image Management work in India, all ICP students who also possess training abilities on soft skills either through a certification program offered by ICBI or any other training body, will be honored with the status of ICBI Green.

Green is the corporate color of ICBI. Green is also the first crop. Green is the richest inheritance of values. Green is our team of the first set of Image Consultants produced by the institute. ICBI Green is an honor and responsibility bestowed upon a select few who have garnered the most experience and expertise and are uniquely placed to cross-pollinate their years of learning to newer entrants in our industry.

All future students of ICBI enrolling in any programs offered by it after 31st December 2013 will be cross harvested with the help, support and mentoring of ICBI Greens in some form or the other. Hence, ICBI Green is a status which will forever designate an Image Consultant produced by ICBI as the pioneer in the industry.

ICBI will not offer the ICP program from 1st January 2014. ICP is not only about business support but also about a partner status and this status has now been converted to ICBI Green.

From 1st January 2014, ICBI will select each year, from its new student base, a few ICBI Greens.

All ICBI Greens will have the following privileges 

  • Eligibility to apply to be a trainer with ICBI
  • Special offers and privileges for all future offerings of ICBI
  • Opportunities to participate in several processes to create, support and mentor future Image Consultants.
  • All ICBI Green consultants will get a logo unit to be used in all their stationary and through augmented reality and image recognition technology, their prospective clients will be able to scan this logo through their smartphones and will be directly able to see various things including the meaning of the status of ICBI Green.*

*An app will need to be downloaded.

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