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Makeup tips for working women

Makeup plays as important role as clothing does for a working woman, but sometimes we tend to get a little confused as to what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid foundation that is heavy. You should also try to match the foundation to your complexion.
  • People with big protruding teeth should wear lighter lip shades.
  • Eye concealer should always be of the same color as skin and not of a lighter tone, which is the most common mistake people make.
  • Eyebrow defined should be dark brown and not black, black makes them look phony.
  • Oil free, long-wear, liquid foundation and mineral makeup are not only great to hide most skin flaws but also stay in place all day.
  • Keep the blush color lighter and more natural without shimmer.  You do not want to apply it too dark.
  • Skip drying, matte textures and go for creamy, moisture – rich lipsticks to ensure your lips are hydrated all day.
  • Dark circles make you appear sleepy and that can be a problem when you’re at work as you may not want to look tired at the office. This problem can be avoided by using a good concealer under your eyes.
  • Keep your eye make-up simple and fuss free. Opt for neutral grays and browns for a softer, more natural effect when it comes to eyeliners.
  • Long nails and/or elaborate nail art are a big no-no at work as the can be distracting and are not professional.


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