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Visual Authority in Indian politics

Three of the biggest names in Indian politics today are: Rahul GandhiNarendra Modi, and Arvind Kejriwal. We constantly get to see them in our newspapers, magazines, and on TV nowadays. Each of these three politicians have their own unique style of dressing which reflects their personal style.

Let’s have a look at each of these three and how their style reflects their levels of authority.

Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul Gandhi portrays the look of a general Indian politician in his white kurta pyjama. This look symbolizes a clean honest look due to the pure white color. The look is more casual and easy-going. This makes him more approachable to the masses, but less authoritative. The occasional addition of the of a black Nehru jacket adds another layer to his overall outfit, which gives him a more authoritative look.

Narendra Modi:

Narendra Modi doesn’t have the typical politician look, as one wouldn’t usually see him in a simple white kurta pyjama. One would usually see him in a crisp Chinese collar shirt or kurta with an addition of a Nehru jacket. These outfits definitely give him an authoritative look, but don’t make him unapproachable because of the addition of bright colors to his outfit. The addition of colors such orange, purple, yellow, cobalt blue, etc give him a vibrant look. As he talks about a vibrant India, his looks don’t conflict his ideas and this works well for him.

Arvind Kejriwal:

Arvind Kejriwal who has not been in the political scene till recent times appears far from the general perception of what an Indian politician looks like. One would usually see him a plain/checkered shirt along with a solid color trouser. The only thing political about his look is his Gandhi topi. In recent times the addition of a sweater and muffler, one would not identify him to be a politician. He may carry the look off as a common man as the party he represents is called Aam Admi Party, but in terms of looks he lacks authority.

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