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Political Campaigning

Image Management in the times of Political Campaigning

Whether it’s our PM or the presidential hopefuls of USA, most politicians are turning to Image Consultants to help them portray the right image to win the votes of people. In recent times, you will find news of the two presidential front runners having stylists and image consultants in their campaigning team. There is a lot of money spent for these candidates to give out the right message to their voters because what a candidate does, wears, or looks like is just as important as what he or she says. One always needs to look the part at all times. Always.

If one looks carefully, you’ll notice the applications of Image Management in the outfits of the candidates. For example, the way Hilary Clinton dresses. She usually wears matched skirt/pant suits to portray authority, but she ensures there are bright colors in her outfits, to appear approachable and friendly. The bright color is smart move to avoid alienating votes, especially the democrats.

Donald Trump on the other hand is all about authority in his dressing with the matched dark suit, contrasting white shirt, and a bright tie in red or blue to draw attention to this face. The choice of red or blue tie is a subtle yet constant way to support his slogan of “Make America great again”. Therefore, subconsciously making him appear patriotic. His image is clearly one of the ideal Republican candidate. Though most will agree he is desperate need of a consultant guiding  him on the right hairstyle.

Image Management for political campaigning has come a long way from the time it’s need was first noticed when Nixon and Kennedy were in the run to the be the next President of the United States.

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