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Rangoli Ranaut – Acid Attack

Rangoli RanautThe Delhi gangrape reminds us of another form of severe attack on women – the acid attack. Rangoli, sister of Hindi movie star Kangna Ranaut, had been a final year student of M.Sc Microbiology at the Uttaranchal College of Science and Technology when a man threw acid on her at her residence in Doon Valley.

She suffered serious injuries on her face, arms and eyes. Rangoli had been engaged to an Army Officer and police had felt the attack may have been a fallout of unrequited love. Neither Rangoli nor her roommate Vijaya who was with her at the time knew the man.

Even as doctors were able to restore her face completely through multiple surgeries, Rangoli Ranaut showed determination in coming out of the trauma.

It is reported that the man later made calls to Kangna Ranaut threatening her too with an acid attack if she didn’t let him marry her sister since no one would now marry the latter.

Kangna and her sister refused to be intimidated by the incident. Inner strength, resilience and family support worked hand-in-hand to ensure not just a recovery, but enhancement and success in the face of adversity. Kangna continued her work schedule with protection promised by the police. And her sister continues her life as normal. Of course both are careful and cautious but have not limited themselves and their lives because of one incident. This serves as a morale enhancing story of not being stopped by an incident and by society.

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