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8 New Year Resolutions for a Confident Image

New Year resolutions are many. Here we bring you resolutions in image management and more for the new year to project a confident, assertive you. These 8 resolutions are our bid to help you achieve your goals this year and for many years to come.

1. Art of Style:

In order to leave a lasting impression, project your real self. These begin with first impressions and primarily with clothing. Ask yourself what your style is. Some project their style through the colours they wear, others with the fit of the clothes, some do it through the style of clothes, others through the accessories, yet others project their unique selves through a combination of these. Choose your personal style that marks you as surely as your name does. Buy your clothes to meet this personal style guideline. By taking conscious action where your style is concerned, you stand out in the crowd in a positive manner.

2. Plan Your Wardrobe:

It’s what we never do. The concept is not entirely what we are used to. Secondly, it feels like too much work. But, if you want to look your best, it isn’t an extensive wardrobe that you need, but a well-planned one. Keep your style in mind. Also assess your professional, personal, social and holiday or casual day needs and make sure that you have a few pieces in each category. This will help you stock your wardrobe effectively.

3. Say No to Impulse Purchases:

Impulse purchases and bargain hunts are what guilt trips are made of. They skew your style and your wardrobe. When you go shopping, resolve to do it with a list in hand. If you do find an irresistible piece of clothing or accessory, mentally run it through your wardrobe and see if it goes well with something that you have already. It helps to be clear about the occasion on which you would wear it.

4. Grooming:

Most of us are lazy about grooming ourselves when we are home and with our immediate family. Change that approach. Put your best foot forward for the people who are most precious to you – your family. Decide that you will spend 10 minutes each day to groom yourself even when you are at home.

5. Be Confident:

Believe in yourself and carry yourself with confidence. There would still be times when you harbor doubts about yourself. When that happens, straighten your spine, square your shoulders, raise your chin and take a deep inward breath. You can feel the confidence seeping back in.

6. Vocal Communication:

Go to meetings prepared. Speak with clarity and communicate your point-of-view clearly in measured tones.

7. Deliver the Best:

Whatever your field of work, give it your absolute best each day of the year. Improve yourself continuously by analyzing your work and by seeking feedback. This gives the strongest support to the positive image you project.

8. Give a Helping Hand:

Whether it is your colleague, neighbor, family or a stranger on the road, give a helping hand when you see someone in need.

Take these resolutions to heart and put your best foot forward this year!

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