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Indian Dresses During Pregnancy for the Professional Mom-To-Be

To many Indian women professionals saris, kurtas and kurtis are what they wear to work. As a pregnant mother, it is just a matter of choosing the right fabric, length and pattern to manage your professional look in these outfits. Here are some Indian dresses during pregnancy for the professional mom-to-be.


If you are comfortable with saris, you could continue with them. You may find yourself more comfortable with the slightly stiffer fabrics than with the silks. Silks tend to stick to the skin and may not really be what you look for when pregnant. A stiff fabric like starched cottons or certain silks stand straight and don’t slip as easily. Larger pleats to the pallu balance the look. Dark colors are suitable both in terms of professional wear and to project the right professional image.

Indian Dresses During Pregnancy for the Professional Mom-To-BeThe biggest problem you would face is with the blouse. Since the blouse by its very style is a garment that sticks to the skin, it is the first to strain at the seams at the slightest hint of weight gain. The best way to manage them is to buy a couple in shades that match many of your saris. Since you have invested in just two or at the most three, it is easy to discard them at the end of each trimester or when you outgrow them. Also, the stitch can be taken out when you gain weight, so that you can make the blouse last for the smaller weight gains.
Alternately, you could also look for stretch blouses and invest in a few. These give you more breathing space than the cotton ones and are easy to pull on too. But be aware of the season and make sure you wear fabric that is comfortable.


Many professional women have moved to kurtas or kurtis when it comes to Indian dresses during pregnancy. The only problem with them is that you will tend to invest in more pieces because they generally don’t come in plains, stripes or other simple-patterned clothing which look fairly uniform. These are recognizable and you would be tempted to buy more than a couple. Investing in four or five is well worth the money.
Long kurtas seem comfortable but they are likely to show your waistline more than the short ones. Kurtis to mid thigh or those that end at the knee are the right length. This length beats the longer or shorter ones any day in balancing the look.

Indian Dresses for the Professional Mom-To-Be

Wraps, empire waists, tops with a flare from the waist are the right ones. Make sure the sleeves are loose enough to accommodate the thickening arms as you approach the delivery date. It is better to avoid long-sleeved or three-fourth-sleeved tops as these tend to tighten around the elbow, making it uncomfortable as you gain more weight. Remember, it is the sleeves that are likely to show the first hint of tightness.

Match the tops with a couple of trousers in shades that match most of your tops. But black trousers are a basic investment. You can have another in nudes. Given the colors that are used in kurtas and kurtis, this is a safe bet. Don’t forget the stretch-upper and regular-lower trousers we had mentioned in our post The Professional Mom-To-Be – Western Wear to remain in comfort while projecting the right image.

A stole or shawl comes in handy to balance the outfit. It also keeps you warm in winter while keeping you covered when you are outdoors in the summer.


The next important item is shoes. As you gain weight, you would find it harder wearing those heels. Invest in a pair of black shoes either in flats or a one to one and half inch heels. These will keep you comfortable through a long day. You may want a pair of nudes or other shades depending on your wardrobe, particularly if you put on

Indian dresses during pregnancy.

Use some basic pieces of accessories like studs, a chain and a bracelet to balance your attire and take attention away from your middle. Don’t try to match them perfectly with individual matching pieces. Your gait will slow down towards the end of your pregnancy and you will be hard pressed for time. So keep your accessories simple – something you can pick straight off your drawer without much thought.

The idea is to stay comfortable and professional. On a parting note, make sure you have the right chair. Place a small pillow to support your lower back. Ask for a foot stool if you need one. Be comfortable in your attire and your seating space and enjoy the impending motherhood.

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