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Maternity Dressing

Maternity Dressing - A guide on what to wear when you are expecting!The happiest time in a woman’s life is when she is expecting. But, it is also a time of confusion for her as she is going through a lot of changes, especially physically. Due to changes in her body, she will have to change the way she dresses as well. One needs to be aware of the changes in their body during pregnancy, if you are aware of the changes in your body, you can plan for your clothes and look your best.

  • Maternity clothes must not restrict you. They must allow for good circulation and accommodate your growing body.
  • Avoid buying all your clothes before the pregnancy or in one go, as the body keeps changing as you progress, so buy whatever you need every few weeks.
  • Buy clothes that direct attention towards your face rather than your body. You don’t want to hide your pregnancy, nor can you hide it, but you don’t want eyes to be focused on your tummy rather than your face.
  • Buy clothes that have straight lines as they counter the roundness of your body, as they have a slimming effect.  Vertical lines help create an illusion of increased height and slimness but ensure these lines are not widely spaced, as they would create the opposite effect. The same rule applies if you were to buy a garment with horizontal lines.
  • While picking a garment, it’s better to go for a dull textured fabric as this would visually decrease the body size. If you want to add some amount of shiny texture, it’s best to have a little of it, around the collar especially, as this would draw attention to the face.
  • During pregnancy, you may feel warmer than usual, so it’s better to avoid synthetic fabrics causing you to perspire more. Synthetic fabrics may lead to irritation as the skin is very sensitive during pregnancy.
  • Be careful while choosing colors of the garments that you wear during pregnancy. Bright colors will attract more attention and will also lift your spirits. Dull colors will have a more soothing effect on you.
  • Buy clothes with the pattern as they will draw attention away from your silhouette and will also act as a camouflage. Small, all-over patterns often blend into a uniform design, especially if they are darker, dull or muted colors with subtle contrasts of color. Large-scale patterns with big, bold shapes increase apparent size and weight.
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