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Not sure how to shop online? – Part 2 – Jainee Gandhi

Part 2: Shoes

 So did you try out shoe shopping online?

Today we look at quick tips for shoe shopping.

Just like clothes, shoes also require a certain kind of fit otherwise you can have sore feet.

Tip 1: Know the Heel size

Since you are not trying out shoes before walking, always pay attention to the heel size. Measure the current heel that you are comfortable with and then search for your shoes.

Tip 2:  Read the description

Every product has a description, read it carefully for the content. It might look patent but not be that glossy, it will say faux leather or genuine leather. Product description will help you to a major extent in making a choice.

Tip 3: Know the Styles and Shapes that suit you

If you have never tried sandals, no point buying that pair online, because you are not sure if they will look good on you. But the styles, you are sure look good on you, will be a safe bet.

shop online part-2

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