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Shop Online – Part 3 – Jainee Gandhi

Clothes & shoes take up 80% of your wardrobe space, but the 20% that I’m going to talk about today is very interesting. This 20% can make or break your outfit.

Yes, I’m sure most of you of guessed it right.


This is the easiest of all to shop online. There will be no sizing issue and the product will be as displayed.  Even though accessories are the easiest to shop for, here a few rule to keep in mind:

  • Quality:

           Read the product description very carefully. It will say, stone, plastic, metal, etc. This is useful for       allergy purpose and also whether or not you want to invest in a plastic piece or not. 

shop online part-3

  • Cost:

Look at the quality, make, brand name and then pay the price. Some websites sell unique stuff and they have limited quantity. It’s okay to pay a premium for that. Sometimes you will find a product repetitive with a couple of websites. Don’t invest much in these.

  • Sizing:

I know I said, “No sizing issues”, but certain things like rings and cuffs or bangles require a size check.

shop online part-4

Lots of e-commerce stores have fabulous accessories, which are otherwise very difficult to find unless you know of a specific store.

It has been 6 months and I have not bought anything from a store, except for a pair of shoes that a friend gifted.

Have fun everyone!


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