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Not sure how to shop online? – Jainee Gandhi

This is a 3 part series for quick tips on online shopping

Part 1: Clothes

There are a lot of websites that offer good quality clothes at a good cost. They have runway inspired clothes to fit your budget.

Tip 1:  Search what you want to buy

It can get overwhelming with thousands of clothes to search from. Narrow your search with the style, size, colour, or occasion. You can narrow your search specifically to a few options or have fun searching from a broader search. For example, when I was searching for a peplum top, I search peplum top within cost range of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000 on

Tip 2: Know your size

This is very important. Know your size, read the size chart, and if need be measure yourself before buying. Also keep in mind the international sizing difference. A size 12 UK is different from a size 12 Aus.

Tip 3: Know the return policy

As you can’t try out the clothes before buying, carefully read the return policy. Just in case you don’t like the product, you know that you will get your money back.

shop online part-1

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