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Shopping to look Slim ? – 3 ground rules you must know before you go ! – By Aanchal Rathee

Shopping tips for looking slim!Before we start…… just a little information from you:

Can you honestly say:

  • You have never looked into the mirror and said “S***! I NEED to loose weight !!”. Y/N

(even if only a few hours have elapsed since the last time you saw yourself in the mirror)

  • You have never gone on a diet and not even thought about trying one. Y/N

(even if for some of us like me that mere thought may have led us to start getting much more hungry than usual)

  • You do not have any special “THIN” clothes in your closet, which you feel have a magical slimming effect.  Y/N

(even if they are all black)

  • You have never ever felt the urge to shave off some layers mass from some part of your body. Y/N

(Specially before a social event/occasion, or while trying on this dream dress)

  • You have never felt even a tad bit of envy looking at someone and saying “Wish I could have a figure like that!”  Y/N

(Not necessary that this someone was a celebrity)

If you have got 3 or more YESs Congratulations! …you are blessed, don’t require to go on and hence have some time you could use for something else you have been waiting to do J

If you have got 3 or more NOs, Yayyy ! …. You are most welcome to read on J

(If published statistics on slimming are anything to go by …… I should have a lot of readers …!! )

Before I begin let me confess, I AM NOT SLIM. I am far from what most people in the world of style & fashion would call “slim“. I’ve fluctuated between a size 10, a size 14/16 (post pregnancy which lasted quite a while) & size 12. And instead of trying to fight against what I was blessed/unblessed with, I have learned to use some wardrobe tricks to dress myself – well I wouldn’t say “slim” rather dress myself attractive. J

So, perhaps it’s time for us to try simply changing our clothes instead of constantly trying to change our bodies. I think we could all certainly use a good dose of positivity when we’re getting dressed in the morning. If we’re wearing things that make us feel fabulous, then only good things can happen, right?

And on that positive note lets get some ground rules right.

1. “LOOKING SLIM NEED NOT NECESSARILY MEAN LOOKING ATTRACTIVE !” and vice-versa. And I cannot HARP enough about it. So, lets learn to swap slim for attractive everytime we speak, write or even think.

2. “PROPORTION IS YOUR PAL” : proportion and balance are far more important than size. And the good news is that irrespective of what size you are it is really easy to achieve this with the right clothing.

3. DO NOT FORGET FOUNDATION: Get the correct foundation garments. This includes not just the basic inner wear but also shape wear. In fact, with 90% of my clients the first stop during the personal shopping session is a lingerie store. Even the classes that I teach on Shape, I ensure I spend a good amount of time explaining the various kinds of foundation garments available and where one could source them. It is crucial to understand that this is a very tricky territory.  This is one area your closest, even your BFFs will hesitate to give you feedback on, even if they strongly feel you are wearing an innerwear that’s just not doing justice to you. (In fact, this is so important that I think it deserves a separate article on its own…. Which hopefully I shall write soon !!)

Almost all Hollywood/Bollywood A-listers swear by it on the red Carpet.

In the below link celebs swear by shapewear and they have their quotes stating the same.

Great ! so now that we have the ground (rules) steady, let the magic begin!

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