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Types of Shirts for Guys

Most men are slowly becoming aware of the different types of clothes available. Earlier a shirt was just a shirt, there was no type of shirt other than a shirt or t-shirt. Here is a list of some of the more known types of shirts for guys:

Dress Shirt:

It is a relatively lightweight sleek men’s shirt. These shirts are usually made of cotton with a high thread count. Dress shirts are longer in length as they are meant to be tucked in. Dress shirts are usually worn under suits, blazers and sports jackets to fit your body curve.  Dress shirts are usually in solid colors and have little to no pattern.

Golf or Polo Shirts:

A golf or polo shirts are a simple half sleeve shirts made of cotton.  The shirts are knitted and not woven. These shirts usually have two to three buttons opening at the neck. They are available in a variety of colors with a little pattern if any.

Sports Shirt:

Comes in both long and short sleeves and loose fitting. These shirts are made of fabrics such as linen or chambray. These shirts are slightly long, so they can be worn tucked in or not tucked in. These shirts come in plain solid colors, with a little pattern, or with a lot of patterns.


One of the most common yet most used and preferred types of shirts for guys, T-shirts comes both with collar and without a collar. They come in many color and fabrics. These shirts are flexible, comfortable and very light.


The Tuxedo shirt is formal attire worn under a tuxedo. These types of shirts for guys are not generally used for daily wear. They are usually worn for weddings, formal parties, or award function. This shirt has long sleeves with button down in front and usually white in color.

Jersey for men:

A jersey is a non-collared long-sleeve shirt with no buttons. It comes in different colors and made of fabrics such as cotton or wool. The shirts are knitted and not woven. It is also used as a pullover.

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