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Why do people shop impulsively? : Suman Agarwal

Why do people shop impulsively?Impulse shopping is almost a rule rather than an exception. Most people buy impulsively and all the stores are smart enough to capitalize on this with attractive show windows. Following are some of the most common reasons for impulsive shopping.

  • Nothing else to do so let’s go shopping.
  • Shopping is therapeutic. So if you feel low, depressed and angry- You go shopping.
  • Revenge- Yes it can happen. At times, people do shop just to take revenge on the spouse.
  • Extra money to burn
  • When people are low on confidence or nervous, they shop to boost themselves and get a sense of a high
  • Some people, when they not happy with their accomplishments and are frustrated, they shop

Now the point is that it might satisfy the needs momentarily but on later thought it almost always gives a feeling of guilt and creates wardrobe orphans- clothes that hang in your wardrobe but you never wear them. It also puts you in a situation that no matter how much you buy, you have nothing to wear for important occasions. And of course, the classic- regretting half your purchases by the time you reach back home.

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