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You have a right for professional advice : Suman Agarwal

You have a right for professional advice - Suman AgarwalLet me ask you a question? When you go for shopping and especially to branded expensive stores, don’t you have a right for professional help? Yes you do. More often than not it is not available and since the customers are not really aware of a facility like this which is their right, they do not ask for it. Ask yourself- “How can I buy an expensive dress without someone who is technically qualified in guiding me?”

Clothing is an investment and investment cannot be made without professional advice.

Most of the sales people in stores actually have no clue to guide you in terms of technicality of the garment or accessory that you are about to buy. When asked for their advice they smartly put the ball in your court by asking your favourite colour and budget etc. The point is that while buying, it is not the garment which is more important but it is you who is going to wear it. Your objective of buying the garment and your personal characteristics of your body shape, face shape, personal colours and personal style are key elements to keep in mind while buying.

Most of the branded stores abroad offer you the services of an in-store personal shopper, Image Consultant or stylist. In India this trend is not there yet as no one really asks for it because they do not know that they are entitled to it.

Become aware of your right and next time you go shopping ask for the in-store professional who is qualified to guide you and if they don’t have one ask them to get one soon.

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