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What, why and what to do of wardrobe orphans : Suman Agarwal

What, why and what to do of wardrobe orphans : Suman AgarwalDo you have wardrobe orphans? I guess I better explain first that wardrobe orphans are those clothes which hang in your closet but you never wear them. They just hang there. Any of us who says that they do not have wardrobe orphans are either Image Consultants or they are lying.

What you do not realize however that is this whole phenomenon is not only about extra money spent without use but it goes much deeper psychologically. Every time you open your wardrobe and look at those clothes that you do not wear, it subconsciously clutters your brain and you feel the effect all day and it comes out in bouts of irritation, frustrations and most importantly confusion. Imagine when you stock your drawing room, you cannot add anything nice until your drawing room has an empty space or corner for your mind to work on it’s beautification. Similarly, you can’t improve your appearance until you get ideas by seeing some single garment pieces so that you can add to them. But when you see clutter in place of that, your mind gets blocked and you can’t think beyond. This leads to chaos in your mind and you can’t think of good dressing ideas. Basically you are angry at yourself for buying those things on impulse and now regret it.

So the conclusion is that more the impulse and careless shopping more the wardrobe orphans.  The only way to avoid this is to be more careful, get professional shopping assistance and plan your shopping.

But what to do with the wardrobe orphans already there? Simple – Let others adopt them or donate them. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better and lighter by getting rid of them for a good cause.

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