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Trousers and denims Triangle body type : Jainee Gandhi

Trouser Trouser where are you?

Before I became an Image Consultant, the most confusing part of my shopping was buying trousers & denims. It got so frustrating at one point that I had literally stopped wearing trousers because never understood the fit, high waist / low waist, slim fit / straight fit. Phew…

With all the confusion I had in my earlier days, am writing a small post to make life simpler for people like me.

 Triangle Body Shape:

People with this body shape have a wider lower body. The aim here is to balance out the Hip, Thigh & legs.


  • Straight pants are your best friend. Straight cut pants will flow over your body and give an illusion of balance.
  • You can opt for flare and wide leg but the slimmest version, avoid the boot cut’s like 80’s
  • The new trend of Pallazo pants will work very well in balancing out the lower body, the trick here is to wear a semi-fitted top / blouse
  • Pleat fewer trousers / Flat Fronted trousers flatters the waistline and balances the lower body
  • Avoid ankle length denim / trousers, if your legs are too thin compared to your thighs
  • Again no to less detailing around the waistline, so as not to draw attention there.
  • Opt for dark coloured bottoms, you can opt for trendy colours like fuchsia or coral in darker shades.
  • You can wear pinstripes or self-stripes or self-design trousers, but preferably in darker shades, ideally your trousers or denim can’t attract attention.
  • If you are a Plus size, opt for plain trousers, since you don’t want the attention there.
  • Size zippers are definitely to be avoided, any sort of detailing that will get the attention to the lower body does not work for your body type
  • Wear No / slim belt (no fancy buckles) and preferably at least mid heels.




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