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What clothes to wear at various events : Jainee Gandhi

Universal Effects of Clothing is  “The way you look, effects the way you Think & Feel and in turn effects the way you act & behave and how others see us and react to us”

There are so many events, occasions in our life and am sure all of us want to look our best. Dressing should be age appropriate. The way a young 20’s dresses should be different from fun 30’s and classy 40’s.

Today we have solutions for few occasions and depending on your roles & goals, body shape, personal & lifestyle, pick and choose what works for you.

Day to Day Business Wear 

What-clothes-to-wear-at-various-events-1 What-clothes-to-wear-at-various-events-2
What-clothes-to-wear-at-various-events-3 What-clothes-to-wear-at-various-events-4


Business Casuals

What-clothes-to-wear-at-various-events-5 What-clothes-to-wear-at-various-events-6


Casual Day Out

What-clothes-to-wear-at-various-events-8 What-clothes-to-wear-at-various-events-9
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