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image breakers

Look at the above photograph carefully.

The young people in the photograph consider themselves dressed appropriately as professionals.

Do you think they are? Can you identify image breakers.

Keeping Score:

How many image breakers did you identify? Your rating
Atleast 6 image breakers Average
Atleast 10 image breakers Good
Atleast 14 image breakers Very Good
Atleast 18 image breakers Impressive
20 image breakers Image Consultant!
All 21 image breakers Over the top!
  1. Starting with the girl in centre front, she’s wearing a nice blue shirt with a collar – good for starters. The blue , however, is pale, so light that it reflects a lot of light, causing her to appear too white and washed out. A somewhat stronger blue would be a better choice, allowing her face to stand out in contrast to the stronger blue shirt.
  2. Her shirt is not tucked in, causing her to appear too relaxed, casual, as if just hanging out at home. Not serious about anything.
  3. Her outfit is unfinished and without a focal point. She could benefit by accessories – may be a necklace and/or earrings to lift attention and frame her face. May be a belt to appear more organized.
  4. Posed, but without a smile, she appears sceptical and a bit challenging.
  5. Moving to the man at far right, his tie is too high and his pants are too low. A tie should hang to the top or middle of the pant waistband.
  6. His pants should sit at waist level or on the high hip, not so low. Very young, he already looks like he’s got some belly bulge and the seat of his pants will be baggy.
  7. His hair appears to be flat on his left side – not balanced. Both side should be essentially the same, and styling should be fuller and slightly longer to frame his face effectively.
  8. Looking at the young woman to the left, her hairstyle just hangs, with hair hanging over one eye. She doesn’t look “sharp.” She looks like a follower.
  9. She could benefit by a little makeup, specially lip colour to add some contrast on her face, leading to better communication.
  10. Either she is wearing a white dress not flattered by the dark jacket, or she’s wearing a T-shirt hanging well below her jacket – an out-of-date trend still followed by teens.
  11. Again, no accessories to finish her look, add textural interest and a focal point. A dark belt could make the jacket appear more harmonious.
  12. Moving far left, this woman has a beautiful smile, but she also has teen-style hair hanging over her eye.
  13. Growing up in a minimalist era, she likely never learned to wear accessories. Jewellery and/or a belt could add the finishing touch and polish to her outfit.
  14. Growing up wearing low-riders, she still wears the outdated trend, looking much like a teen. In contrast to her top, attention goes downward to the pant band – taking attention away from her face.
  15. She could use a little more lipstick colour for contrast on her face to draw attention to her face and hold it there.
  16. The man to her right has a balanced hairstyle, however the bangs are so short and relatively straight across that he appears like a cute little boy.
  17. He is wearing a tailored white shirt with casual denim jeans. The shirt with tie and the jeans send contradictory messages – one serious and the other playful. Less confusing would be equally tailored looking slacks with the white shirt and tie.
  18. The shirt collar is not wide enough, too narrow and feminine in appearance.
  19. The belt is wide and unrefined, befitting the jeans but not the shirt and tie. The pieces of the outfit are not harmonious.
  20. His pants are also too low and the tie too high.

There is nothing “sharp,” or powerful about the appearance of any of the five. There is no attention to detail. None appear to be capable of being “in charge.” They are cute, sweet kids just starting out with little savvy or credibility.
21.  Either they are all cold and therefore folding their arms to keep warm or they are copy-cats. Five people folding their arms is a bit much-staged.

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