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8 amazing tricks to aviod embarassing moments

How to change the subject of a conversation

Many a times in a social situation it just so happens that there is a need, or you feel like changing the topic of discussion. This requires skill. Usually the best way to do this is to start with the topic last spoken and starting with that move towards the topic that want to go to. For example: if there is a discussion going on, on the topic of winter and how cold it is, you can always do something like this: “Oh yes, it is very cold and on a really cold day I usually go to see a movie. That keeps me warm inside a theatre. In fact just yesterday I saw ‘three idiots’. Amazing movie! Have you seen it?”

How to go to a big social gathering and make many friends

This is usually a big stinker for most people. While going to a party most people start thinking about not knowing many people and about how odd it will be. Well the answer is simple. Go early. Surprised? Well it works always. Go to a gathering early and you will be one of the first ones to arrive. With this there will be very less people when you reach and in this situation it is easy to strike a conversation. Slowly you will form a group and as others come in, many of them will in fact come over to your group and make introductions.

How not to look lost at a party

Well, suppose you were not able to go early and in fact got late. Now once you reach and find this room full of people, the nervousness is even heightened. Try this tested technique. As you enter, smilingly and cheerfully, look at a pillar and wave enthusiastically. Or look at any one person whom you might recognize and wave cheerfully. Just try it! It gives an impression that you know many people and even you will start feeling upbeat. Now when you approach people they will in fact be happy to make acquaintance with you as they will see you as popular.

What if you meet someone and forget his or her name?

I am sure almost everyone has gone through this trauma. You go to a party and see someone you recognize, start talking but you just can’t remember the name. It can be really embarrassing. Now here is what you can do. Since you are already talking there is no need actually to take the name but look composed and don’t let the nervousness show on your face. Wait for someone else to come and join your group and once that happens then very coolly ask the person you were already talking to and the new entrant to introduce themselves. You can say “why don’t you guys introduce yourselves.” You will get the name and don’t worry; even if the first person understands this as a trick he or she will admire you for your slickness and will remember this as a strategy to use in future.

What if you forgot someone’s name right away?

It happens. Someone you met mentioned his or her name and the conversation started but you forgot the name. No worries. At the end of the conversation you can say “Well, it was very nice talking to you. Once again my name is ————- and then give an expectant look without asking for their name. In 90% cases people will respond with their names.

How to ask for someone’s name?

Now this looks simple and it is but at times the usual way which is to say “my name is ———– and what is yours?” sounds a little bit invasive. A better way is to say “my name is ————- and yours?”

What to do in a group when you don’t have any clue what they are talking about?

So many times it happens that you join a group in a party and a discussion is going on and you cannot make head or tail of it. It can make you feel embarrassed and lost and is not good for your self esteem. The best way to handle a situation like this is to draw out one person from the group to the side and confide in that person and ask what the discussion is about. It can still be embarrassing but it is much better than getting embarrassed in front of many people and the person whom you drew will feel nice that you found him or her suitable for confiding and will become your friend.

What to do when you are late?

Often it happens that you might get late in reaching a meeting or a party where it was important for you to be on time, even if you had a genuine excuse. Generally people would rattle their excuse immediately on entering and more often than not it will be taken as a lie of sorts. The best way to handle such situation is to enter calmly, just say “excuse me” and sit for the meeting or start mingling in the party. A little later you can take cue from a conversation and then add your excuse. For example: if you are late for a meeting just say “excuse me” and sit and start participating. Little later if a point comes up which perhaps you do not know you can then say “I am sure this was discussed while I was not here as I got late today on account of very bad traffic.” This way it will sound confident and composed. The basic point is that if you immediately rattle off your excuse it sounds false and non confident. Wait for the moment.

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