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Companies spend a lot of time, energy and money to build a good Image. However it takes a small mistake to damage a reputation which has been built over years. Since it is people who represent a brand or a company, it is extremely important that the employees are aware that in front of customers, they are equivalent to the company. Everything they do or say is interpreted as statement from the company.

In a market where the customer has a choice, it is important that every employee presents himself or herself appropriately before a customer. It is their conduct before clients, vendors, suppliers, external agencies and shareholders that determines company’s reputation and start to building a good reputation begins with Image Management.

Image Management is the science and art of visual communication, which forms almost 80% of any communication or message.

When an important customer meets an employee who does not project the right Image, he does not feel confident to entrust his business. On the other hand, when a customer meets a representative who appears sharp, he feels assured that he’s in the right hands. It is logical to look the part and behave the role you are required to play, but a lot of employees miss out on this.

Although every employee of the company needs training to project the right Image, the following roles have the biggest and most apparent need:

  • Senior managers and managers handling a team where it is important to command everyone’s respect
  • Newly promoted managers who need to change their Image according to the new role
  • Service industry professionals whose primary job function is to offer quality service to their customers
  • Sales and marketing professionals who sell products and services offered by the company

Benefits :

  • Awareness among participants on the need for managing their Image in order to do their job in an effective manner
  • The employees would project an Image which synchronises with the Image of the organisation
  • The self-esteem and confidence levels of the employees would become high
  • The increased confidence levels will proportionately enhance the productivity levels – Look better, Feel better, Perform better
  • The brand Image & quality of the company and its products would be further augmented by the employees

Content :

  • What is Image
  • How inner Image or Self- Image affects Self-esteem
  • How are First Impressions formed
  • What is Image Management
  • Elements of Image
  • 4 A’s of Image Management – Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive & Affordable
  • Semiotics – Language of clothes
  • Business Dressing – Formal, Semi-formal, Business Casuals, Smart Casuals, Casuals
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