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2015 Summer Styles

With the summer sun smiling down on us it’s time for new trends and styles for the season. Summer is always about light, easy to wear, and fun clothes. Let’s have a look at some of this year’s summer trends:

  1. Whites: The best color for summer over the years has been white. White not only makes you feel cool, but look cool as well. This year whites are more chic and feminine with a lot of lace. Delicate fabrics that are soft on the skin and feel breezy when you wear them. Works well for dresses and skirts.
  1. Kimonos: If kimono literally means “thing to wear,” no word could be truer. It’s the Japanese easy dressing style that works well in summer. The robe-like looks are not only comfortable, but if worn well look ultra chic. And the obe belt is optimum waist-whittling benefits. The Kimono seems to be a major influence in the designs on many designers this summer.
  1. Mix and Match: Summer trends would be incomplete without colors. This year colors are definitely something to look forward to as the trend of mix and match let’s you be as creative and free as you wish. Patchwork with a mix of colors, patterns, and textures gives you a lot to play around with in creating varied styles and looks for yourself.NL-August-4
  1. Khaki: Despite been a basic and a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe, khakis are definitely something worth investing in this season. Easy to pair with almost anything, one could not go wrong with this trend. This year’s trend is more on the military style look with military jackets being in style.NL-August-5
  2. Hippie look: Free flowing design clothes are back from the 70’s this summer. Long, light and flowing dresses will billow in the breeze this summer as you take on the elements in style. Floral prints with bright colors, colorful beaded accessories, floppy hats, and strappy sandals complete the hippie look with a complete summer feel.

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