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Universal Elements of the Visual Image

Three distinct elements combine to create personal appearance or the visual image and the messages to be perceived:

  • Clothing, including accessories.
  • Grooming, including body hygiene, hair, skin, nail care, and makeup.
  • Body language, including figure or body type, personal coloring, posture, eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, manners, and etiquette.

Together, these elements create a unique and memorable image of you, either as a first impression or as an image that comes immediately to the minds of those who know you. Impression formation based on appearance is automatic and instantaneous. We form impressions and make assumptions or judgments in seconds.

People may consider First Impressions and Image to be similar, however there is a vast difference even though there is a strong connect; you project an Image through Clothing, Grooming, Body-Language & Etiquette, based on these aspects people form a First Impression. To create a positive First Impression, you Image must be projected correctly so that there is a long lasting positive impact.


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