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Smart Shopping Tips

“I don’t have anything to wear”. This is a dilemma everyone faces every once in a while. The closet is full of clothes and yet nothing to wear. We seem to be facing this issue even more because the shopping options have become endless thanks to online shopping. Here are some tips that would help you ensure you don’t face this dilemma again and get maximum value for the money you spend:


  1. Buy only what you need.
  2. Make a list of items you need to complete your cluster or add on to your expanded wardrobe.
  3. Keep your list in your closet area, perhaps tacked to the inside of your closet door—or in your purse or planner.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes when you plan to go for shopping.
  5. Take a very good friend or family member shopping with you only when you want a second opinion or need someone to stifle your impulse to buy.
  6. Shop alone on longer shopping trips. Your time will be spent more efficiently.
  7. Shop when you’re feeling in the mood, energetic and happy.
  8. Allow yourself enough time to avoid being hurried into making a decision.
  9. Wear whatever you might be trying to match or coordinate with.
  10. Keep yourself hydrated during your shopping experience, never shop when physically stressed.


  1. Don’t shop when you are tired, ill, stressed, or depressed.
  2. Don’t shop just after eating when your figure is filled out more than usual.
  3. Don’t shop at the last minute for something you need, or when you’re rushed.
  4. Don’t go out for any serious shopping if you look messy. Nothing you try on is going to look good to you.
  5. Don’t wear high heels. They weren’t made for walking. When your feet hurt you can’t concentrate on anything else.
  6. Don’t wear lots of layers when you have to try on clothing you have to repeatedly take off and put back on. Wear clothes that slip easily on and off.
  7. Don’t weigh yourself down, but do carry a large shoulder bag or zippered tote bag to hold your cash, checkbook, credit cards, shopping list, small notebook, fabric swatches snipped from seam allowances of current clothing or garments to color-match.
  8. Don’t plan your shopping time when stores are crowded.
  9. Don’t go to a sale if you don’t need anything.
  10. Don’t hesitate to ask for directions if you are unsure about the location of particular items

With these shopping tips, you can feel secure in the knowledge that the clothing in your closet will present you attractively and appropriately wherever you go and whatever you do.

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