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The time is right- Have an in-house Image Consultant

Success of any organization is directly associated with its employees, they are the brand ambassadors who represent the organization at various levels.

For every organization, strategic staffing has become an important issue because the ability to attract and hold highly talented employees can be crucial to future survival. In this global world where employees of choice has gradually changed into employer of choice, employees switching from organization to organization has become a common trend. Normally, employees wish to work in an organization that holds good image in the industry. Organization’s good image is a very significant element for attraction and retention of employees and an integral part of practicing and maintaining good Image is skills development. In early era, organizations worked on different motivational factors to satisfy their employees from all aspects, whereas, in todays global world, where everything is changing very fast, employees have an option to get access to jobs across the border and similarly organizations also hire the employees from anywhere in the world. Initially, organizations used to compete in the local market while nowadays; everyone aims to compete in the international market for ambitious outcomes. Organization needs to build up and maintain a good image not only for the local market, but also for representation worldwide.

While interacting with some of the employees of top corporate houses, they revealed that the most common reason why people leave their existing stable job is lack of growth. Surprisingly on probing, the expected growth in their term was not vertical; it was horizontal where the employees wanted a focused approach on their personal development along with primary focus on profits and global expansion. The reasons are largely emotional yet practical as everyone feels the need to develop their personal skill-sets after a certain point to avoid getting stagnant and aim for a continual progressive growth.

If you think training your employees is expensive, try not training and keeping them.__zig ziglar.

Lately Companies have started introducing on-going training programs for personal development in all aspects and the most common area has been appearance management and soft skills. They realize that the stakes are very high when a business decision depends upon a person who is not able to project an appropriate Image and fairly lacks in making a mark.

Top management of some of the companies often come to a realization, that when an executive gets promoted to the next level, companies often loose a good executive and hires a bad manager and this largely happens due to expectation mis-match especially when it comes to looking the part.

There is a strong realization that after a certain point when you achieve a seniority status, to maintain it and grow further, all you need is 15% technical skills and remaining 85% soft skills for important transactions, networking and creating an impact.

Other concern faced during meetings with top corporate heads was to make their CEOs and VPs look like CEO’s and VPs. A serious and a highly sensitive zone to enter, and the question arises……… who bells the cat?

Answer is simple, there is one and only solution for all- An Image Consultant.


Who is an Image Consultant?

An Image Consultant is an expert in Semiotic non-verbal communication through clothes, grooming, body language including etiquette. Non-verbal communication is visual. An Image consultant is also an expert in soft skills and help people evolve physically as well as psychologically by providing personalized sessions individually or in a group.

What is Image Consulting?

Image Consulting is a professional field wherein clients hire and Image Consultant to evaluate, improve, enhance, or upgrade their appearance to ensure that their image is consistent or congruent with their personal, professional and/or professional roles and goals-with what they want to accomplish in life.

What does an Image consultant do?

An Image Consultant transforms the outside to reflect the inside-image from inside out. Sometimes it seems the image consultant has to work miracles to make the changes happen.

Why should companies have image Consultants?

To improve soft skills

To incorporate a grooming and dress-code policy

For grooming checks

For dining etiquette skills, incase most deals happen over a business meal

To Design uniforms for employees based on the roles and goals that also aligns with the brand communication

To enhance public speaking skills of people at middle to senior management level

To Train and re-train employees

To consistently maintain brand communication

For Executive coaching

For Image designing and Management of top executives to look the part

For strategic dressing of senior executives during different important occasions

For Image audits and identifying training needs

For achieving a visible edge in in the market place

For improving Customer relationships

For Leadership and motivational training and to learn the art of small talk

The list is long and the skillsets are endless.

An employee who receives the necessary training is better able to perform his/her job. They become more aware of proper procedures for basic tasks. The training may also build the employee’s confidence because of a stronger understanding of the industry and the job responsibilities. This confidence may push them to perform even better and think of new ideas that help in excelling. Continuous training and development also keeps your employees on the cutting edge of industry developments. Employees who are competent and on top of changing industry standards help your company hold a position as a leader and a strong competitor within the industry.

Employees with access to training and development programs have the advantage over employees in other companies who are left to seek out training opportunities on their own. The investment in training that a company makes shows the employees they are valued. The training creates a supportive workplace and motivates people to see growth opportunities within the same organization.

A regular intervention of an Image Consultant in all the above aspect can take an organization to a next level, maintaining high standards and consistently managing the Image & brand communication through a team of highly professional people.

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