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Chitralekha the largest selling magazine in Mumbai

Chitralekha, the largest selling magazine in Mumbai and Gujarat, circulating to over 2,40,000 households every week, and in publication since 1950, has devoted five pages to Image Management in their latest edition! They are known to encompass the entire sweep of the social structure. Almost all its publications are family-read and loved. It is not common for a magazine of such stature to recognize and carry 5-page articles of an industry unless they see its potential and interest for their audience.

This reiterates our belief in the current need and the future of Image Management in India. It has the potential of being the industry of the decade. It has begun to flourish and is no longer just limited to the visionaries, Rakesh Agarwal and Suman Agarwal. Now the forces are being joined by alumni like:

SHOHINI GHOSH – An all-India level rowing master, writer, director and model. ICBI alumni Shohini, runs a Company Image Makeover Consultant. She is an expert and most of the clients are lay people who approach her for guidance and help in improving themselves.

NIDHI SHARMA – An ICBI alumnus who comes from a family of doctors, she was associated with the advertising industry for more than 10 years. She believes that in today’s stressful world, people need to bring change not only from within but also to their outer personality to create positive impressions.

ZOHRA CHITALWALA – A perfectionist whose eldest son once asked her why she does not do something where she can utilise her expertise. An ICBI alumni, she is an expert in image management and teaches a range of age groups, from teenagers to the middle-aged about dining etiquette and manners apart from weight management, body shape, etc.

BIJAL MAMNIYA – A double graduate who was in the field of marketing and wealth management, she had been happy with her profession but was unable to get complete satisfaction in her profession. She came across ICBI and completed the programme in Image Consulting. She is an expert in grooming, wardrobe management, professional makeup, etc., and provides her services under the company name Panache Image Consultants.

ICBI congratulates these ladies on having set up their own consultancies and for the great work they have put in towards improving the image of Indians!

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