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Makeovers Mart

Individual Solutions offered by ICBI

Personal Consultation ICBI offers personal consultation services in Image Management covering the entire framework of Appearance, Behaviour, Communication and Digital Footprint. A certified Image Consultant first does a need analysis and then based on the specific requirements of the client offers several services to help the client project an Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive and Affordable Image. Image …

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Personal Consultation

Image Makeover Consultants trained and certified by ICBI provide several One-on-One Consulting services and packages as under. Image Scope  –  A need analysis to evaluate the current status of the Image of the client through Perception Gap Assessment & Appearance Management Assessment Look the Part – Looking the role you play or going to play is one of …

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cross cultural sensitivity

Cross Cultural Sensitivity in the Workplace

Globalisation has resulted in increased diversity in the workplace. Cultural awareness and sensitivity in handling multicultural workforce has become one of the most important managing aspects of business. Understanding the varied cultures of the workforce and allies / associates will result in better communication, unity and productivity in the workplace. Similarly the opposite could result …

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communication skills

What Is the Importance of Communication Skills

Communication is the engine of any organization. It decides the direction of an organization’s growth. The ability to communicate effectively is an important skill in today’s professional and personal world. Effective communicators are looked up to and respected for their ability to transfer information in an easily understandable manner and build a conducive environment for …

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Business Dressing

Companies spend a lot of time, energy and money to build a good Image. However it takes a small mistake to damage a reputation which has been built over years. Since it is people who represent a brand or a company, it is extremely important that the employees are aware that in front of customers, …

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team work management

Team Management and Motivation: Importance of Teamwork in an Organization

Teams form an organization. Having a healthy team ensure success and growth of not just the whole organization but also a healthy atmosphere within team members. An employee with excellent skills or a leader with great oratory skills cannot experience success all by themselves; they need the entire team to take them to the next …

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Wear your Color

Colors play a crucial role in looking attractive. One has to be in color harmony, which is a factor of first understanding your personal colors of skin, eyes and hair, and then the fashion colors that will accentuate your personality. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes personal color evaluation and …

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